Flourish Resources for Churches

Below are resources for some of the four primary targets of the Flourish initiative: Next Generation, Discover Ministry School, Internships and Church Planting

Starting a Discover Ministry School Campus

We want to help you make disciples and develop leaders! To that end we would love to see at least 15 active DMS campuses in our region. To find out what it takes to start a campus go to the Discover Ministry School website at  https://discoverministrynetwork.com/info-for-churches

Point of Contact: Isaac Hebden - isaac@discoverministryschool.com or 509.863.2226

Applying for An Internship Grant

Pacific Open Bible would like to see at least 25 of our healthy, growing churches providing well-prepared internships, and we would like to partner with our churches to provide each of those interns a stipend, allowing them to give of more of their time to the church and to learning about ministry. 

Pacific Open Bible will provide up to $1000 per intern in matching funds for a summer internship in one of our Open Bible churches. To apply for the grant:

  1. Complete the course, "Developing an Internship Program." See below on this page for instructions
  2. Create an internship job description. You can find a guide for that HERE.
  3. Apply for the internship grant by clicking HERE

Point of Contact: Chris Hansler - chris@pacificopenbible.com or 253.310.5794

Developing an Internship Program

Our Church internships done well can be a valuable source of training and discipleship for those who want to further develop their understanding of the inner workings of ministry in the local church. This course shares the insights from two of our pastors who have a long record of an effective internship program in their church. Our hope is that it will provide you both inspiration and resources to consider starting an internship in your own ministry.

There are three videos with accompanying notes and sample resources followed by some questions that will hopefully help you consider how to take your next step. 

You can access this course through the Discover Ministry School learning portal called "Moodle." Create an account on the Discover Moodle site for free HERE by clicking "Log in" in the top right corner and follow the steps where it says, "Is this your first time here?" And then you can enroll in the course "Developing a Church Internship Program." There is no charge for this course. 

Starting a New Church

If you are interested in starting a new Open Bible Church, find out information through our Discover Church Planting website at https://pacificplanting.com/planting-with-us/getting-started

Point of Contact: Aaron Sutherland - aarons@covechurchpnw.com or 541.279.9781

Next Generation Ministry

We have some exciting things on the horizon in this area including a Youth Pastors' Conference - March 27-29, 2023 in Anaheim, a MOVEMENT Conference for young adults in September of 2023 and a LEAD Conference for youth on November 10, 2023. More info will be available soon!

Point of Contact: Michael Zakarian - michael@summitchurch.la or 818.618.2919