Audio-Technical Support

Accessing Scott Alsperger for technical needs.


Scott is available to assist Pacific Open Bible churches with their technical needs including sound, security, wifi, live-streaming, lighting, video, etc.

Often, Scott can assist churches over the phone or via video conference. But there are times that Scott will need to be on-site to properly assist the church.

If a church wants Scott Alsperger to come to the church to assist with technical needs, here is the process:

1.      Contact Scott at 509.475.8575 or scott@pacificopenbible.comScott will check on his availability.

2.      If Scott is available to come, the church will cover:

       a.      Travel expenses – typically this is a rental car and fuel cost.

       b.      Housing expenses– with housing agreed upon by the church and Scott. 

            (If two or more churches in the same area need help, those churches may be able to arrange to share the travel and housing costs. There are also times when Scott will be in an area for a pre-determined regional responsibility. If Scott is available to a church before or after that regional event, the region would cover his travel. In this case the church would simply have to cover any additional housing expense.)

        c.      Any equipment costs.

3.     The Pacific Region will pay for Scott’s time. If the church wants to give Scott an additional honorarium for his service, that is up to the church.

4.      Once the job is finished, the region will send an invoice to the church for repayment of any expenses incurred. 

Setting Up A Drive-In Service

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