Regional Partnership/Supervision

Resources for churches

Regional supervision (we use the term "Regional Partnership" as it conveys our heart to support the local church in that church's mission)  can be implemented to protect the integrity of the church’s stated purpose, policies, and procedures. Regional partnership, under which the regional board becomes the governing board of the church, is applied to provide supervisory counsel and direction.

VERIFICATION LIST: This list is provided to help the church take the necessary steps to become a strong, healthy community with the necessary organization and leadership structures in place.  Regional_Supervision_-_Verification_List.pdf

HOW TO APPLY FOR RELEASE FROM REGIONAL PARTNERSHIP/SUPERVISION:  In this section of the Open Bible Bylaws, you will find the pertinent steps for release from Regional supervision/partnership.


CHURCH BYLAWS: As a part of the process of coming off of regional supervision, each church will need to have a set of bylaws approved by Open Bible Churches. You can find the models for church bylaws here: Church Bylaws