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Let’s celebrate the 100th anniversary of our college



We are now approaching the 100-year mark of ministry training! In January, 2025, the centennial benchmark will be achieved.


How better could we celebrate our Centennial than to create a significant, endowed scholarship fund for the training and equipping of  men and women for Christ-centered, Word-based, Spirit-empowered ministry. Read more...

Pacific Open Bible serves as custodian of a new endowment fund called “ACTS.” The acronym stands for Alumni Centennial Trust Scholarships.

To this point we have already raised the initial goal of $100,000. We are now looking for additional charter donors ($5,000) and beyond that, the committee is praying for a host of Silver ($1,000), Gold ($2,500) and Platinum ($3,750) donors to increase the endowed principal to $200,000 by the January 2025 anniversary date. 


The final words of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel were “Go…make disciples.” As Christians we are charged with the majestic task of making certain the gospel is preached from generation to generation.


Not everyone is called to be an evangelist, pastor or missionary, but all Christians are called to make disciples. One of the best ways to do that is giving to an endowed scholarship fund to assist men and women in need who are called to vocational ministry.

You will be fulfilling

the Great Commission of Jesus

when you give to ACTS.

You may give online HERE, or you may mail a check to Pacific Open Bible, 2320 Warren Street, Eugene, OR, 97405, with the word ACTS in the memo portion. Donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for your interest and prayerful consideration.

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You can find an ACTS Legacy document to share with others HERE