tier 2: Discover Leadership

Tier 2 is for the training and development of those who are interested in pursuing or considering ministry leadership, which may include leadership within the local church or in the community. This training will include personal and spiritual development, a deeper understanding of the historical development of missional ecclesiology, and practical leadership skills which will result in the design and development of a new ministry initiative that will be led by the students.

Tier 2 is open to those who have completed Tier 1 or its equivalent, have been assessed and approved by Discover leadership through application, and have been recommended by their pastor. Though completion of Tier 1 is recommended, we will take each student's entire portfolio into account when considering admission to Tier 2.


  • Applying leadership 1

    In this class the student will be exposed to leadership development, principles, and application. In Part One of this course the teaching will primarily be theoretical in nature. We will look at the definition of leadership and the different possibilities that exist in leadership styles. The students will also begin to understand their particular and unique leadership style. By the end of the course students will work through Mission, Vision, and Values by:

              Understanding the Why

              Creating the What

              Implementing the How


    The students will be led through a progression of understanding the importance and development of Mission, Vision, and Values. They will then work through how these are revealed in their current congregation and will begin to explore how they can lead an event or ministry that furthers the mission within their local congregation or community.

  • applying leadership 2

    In this class the student will begin to put into action the principles learned in quarter 1, Applying Leadership 1. Drawing from the foundation of mission, vision and values, the student will learn how to design and then execute a strategy for the implementation of a new ministry event or initiative that furthers the mission within their local congregation or community. This will include drafting a proposal,  the identification and development of a team, budget, promotion, administration, execution and evaluation.

  • the development of missional ecclesiology

    Jesus modeled and embodied life on the mission of God and then empowered His followers, the church, to take that mission to the world. Over the course of the last 2000 years we have seen doctrinal debates, detours and development but all the while and all over the world the Holy Spirit has been leading and empowering His church to fulfill the mission on which Jesus sent us. In this class we will explore an overview of the history of the church and the development of major doctrines that have informed how we “do church” today. 

  • life skills for leadership

    This course will address some very practical, yet often-overlooked, aspects of the personal life of a leader. The student will learn about, discuss and evaluate areas of their life such as character, attitude, initiative, finances, communication styles, networking and thinking skills. 

  • Spiritual formation

    Each student will design a “Spiritual Health Plan” at the beginning of the year that will be incorporated throughout Tier Two. This class will be woven throughout each quarter and students will be challenged to draw deeper to Christ in their personal lives through the development and implementation of spiritual habits and practices and through obedience to what the Lord speaks to them through those times.