Discover - Frequently asked Questions

How long is each class?

Each class is 2 hours long: 1 hour with the instructor and 1 hour of class interaction by the Pastor facilitating that local site.

How long is a quarter?

A quarter is 9 weeks long.

What is the cost of Discover?

In Tier 1 the cost is $99 per quarter plus books. The cost for Tier 2 is $300 per quarter plus books. Our desire is to provide it at a cost so that a student can complete Discover with no debt. 

Do I have to be a Christian to take Tier One?

No. All people are welcome in Tier One. However, a part of the course work is to serve in one of our partnering churches. This service would have to be approved by the pastor of that church.

Is church attendance required?

Yes. Service in the local church is a part of the curriculum throughout the Discover training.

Do you have a statement of faith?

You can find the statement of faith here: Statement of Faith

Will there be homework? Will there be tests? And will there be grades?

Yes, there will be homework that each student will be expected to have prepared prior to each class. The homework load will be between 5-7 hours per week on averrage. This includes at least an hour per week (on average) of ministry service in your local church. There will also be tests and the homework and tests will be graded.

How many absences are allowed per quarter?

Two absences are allowed per quarter. But we will want the student to complete the work and watch the recorded teachings. We will treat this as a college-level course and there will be an expectation of attendance and participation.

What is the relationship of Discover to Open Bible?

Discover is a certified school with Open Bible Churches. This means it meets the requirements as prescribed by the Commission of Biblical Education & Ministerial Training. 

Is this school accredited?

No. While we believe there is a place for accreditation, it is our desire to keep it simple, accessible and affordable. While accreditation is not outside of the scope of possibility, we also want to be careful not to be unduly burdened by requirements of an outside accreditation body. This school is designed for the purposes of learning God's Word and missional leadership.

What is the relationship of this school to Inste or to New Hope Christian College?

At this time there is no formal relationship. We see Discover as an additional pathway to missional leadership. We believe in and will continue to support both Inste and NHCC. It will be possible to transfer Inste or NHCC work into Discover and receive credit. 

What is different about Discover?

  • Discover is created by, taught by and led by proven pastors in all locations and in every class. This will  not simply be theory, or head knowledge but knowledge from those in the trenches of pastoral leadership.
  • The nature of the Discover program will expose a student to a broad range of Open Bible pastors from all across the West Coast, as well as other high-caliber pastors.
  • Discover, because it is not a curriculum-driven, but a leader driven program, has the flexibility to utilize a broad variety of resources, including writings and teachings by current influential leaders.
  • In most cases, Discover students will be in class side by side with students from other churches. 
  • Discover is local, so the student does not have to leave their job, their church, and it makes it extremely affordable. 
  • Because "practical" is a core value, every Tier Two student will, with their studies serve as an intern in a local church.

Can a student jump in at quarter 2, 3 or 4 if they miss the first quarter?


What will be required for a student to enter Tier 2?

Tier 2 is open to those who have been assessed and approved by the Discover Leadership and are recommended by their Sr. Pastor and have either:

     A. completed Discover Tier 1, or

     B. qualified, based on other biblical training and/or experience (as determined by Discover Leadership)

If a student finishes Tier 2 can they apply for credentials? 

At the end of Tier 2 we will assess, with the student, what further training or qualifications, if any may be needed to be licensed as a minister. If further experience or training is needed, we will help create the pathway to that end.

Are books included in the price of the course?

No, books will be the responsibility of the student.

Are there any other additional costs? 

There will be an initial student registration fee of $30.00 that will cover the cost of pre-enrollment assessments that will be a part of each student's registration. .

Will there be an Hispanic translation for the school?

Not yet, but it is our hope in the future to offer it in Spanish.

Is there an option for me to take the classes via video if I am not close to one of the established school sites?

We hope to provide options for those in this circumstance in the near future. And we will be recording all of the teachings and will make them available for a lesser fee for those who are not enrolled students so that they can be used for local church training. At this time the full school experience will only offered at the "hub" sites for the following reasons:

  • Learning the material is only one aspect of the school experience. We do not want to limit the education to information only.
  • Observable group interaction is a critical part of the learning and assessment process for each student.
  • The hub sites will also provide additional objective voices in the discussion and Q & A parts of each class time. They also provide observation from beyond the student's local church which will provide invaluable additional input into the student's development


If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to send us an email to

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