What is Flourish?

If you're reading this, we want you to flourish! We want our pastors and churches to flourish. Imagine being a part of a Spirit-driven, ever-accelerating shift which could see us become a true multiplying movement developing a deep pool of trained disciples and leaders, sending workers into the harvest and planting churches to reach new people in new places with the Gospel of Jesus! In our Flourish Vision initiative, there are two primary areas of emphasis, leadership development and ministry multiplication. Within these emphases are four targeted strategic areas:

Next Generation Ministry

We want to resource, support and celebrate churches that are investing  in the next generations, and we want to do all we can to help churches who want to develop healthy,  thriving ministries to that end.

We want to see 15 active campuses every year in our region, and we’d like to provide 25 scholarships every year for potential students. A one-year Tier One scholarship is $400. 25 of those is $10,000 every year.
Maybe God is calling you to be a student, or maybe he is calling you to support other students.

It is our desire to see 25 of our churches trained to provide excellent internship experiences. Pacific Open Bible would like to have $1,000 per intern available in matching funds for churches that meet the criteria of providing well-prepared internships. Maybe God is calling you to be an intern, or maybe he is calling you to support other interns.

We want to see 20 new churches birthed out of healthy mother churches, and Pacific Open Bible would like to provide up to $50,000 per church to help that new church get on its feet.

How to be involved


Pray for our churches; pray for strong, healthy ministry to the next generations; pray for our students in Discover Ministry School; pray for our interns; and pray for our new church plants and for new churches to be born out of healthy mother churches


Is God calling you to serve young people? Have you considered exploring God’s call on your life through Discover Ministry School, or have you thought about starting a DMS campus in your church? Could you develop your ministry skills through an internship? Is God calling you to plant a church or be on a church planting team?


Would you be willing to give to one of these key areas? You can expand our impact by giving through Open Bible’s MVP program to one of these areas: