Applying for Ministry Credentials

If you are sensing the call to ministry and you would like to become a part of the Open Bible family, here are the steps to becoming credentialed:  (The full process can be found at the Open Bible website HERE)

1. Click the link below and complete the “Get Acquainted” form

2. Once the “Get Acquainted” form has been submitted, you will receive an email with a link to the full application.   You will need the following information to upload with the application:  

  • Recent photo
  • Transcripts
  • Chronological Ministry Resume
  • Contact Information for References (email addresses) – references should include your senior pastor, current or former employer, and dominational official if you are/or have been credentialed with another denomination
  • Social Security Number for the beneficiary of the Life Benefit Plan
  • INS documents for you and/or your spouse if either of you were born outside of the United States   

3. Orientation Videos

          You will be asked to watch nine videos (each 20 minutes or shorter) followed by a few verification questions

4. Doctrine Exam

          You will receive a link to access the Doctrine Exam.  The purpose of this exam is to verify your doctrinal alignment with Open Bible. The exam consists of 21 multiple choice questions and 8 short answer essay questions over 12 topics.  The Doctrine Exam is required for all applicants.

5. Interview

An interview will be scheduled for you with the Credential Committee.

6. Approval Process

If your application, references, exams and interview are favorable, the Pacific Region Board of Directors will recommend the approval of your credential to the National Board of Ordination.