Preview Course #2

Jesus. The Word became flesh. Fully God and fully man. The incarnation. Was Jesus really a man? If so, what does his life teach us about what our life as Christ-followers should look like? 

In this class we will:

  • Provide an overview of the incarnation - Jesus becoming a man.
  • Consider the implications of the incarnation to the life of a Christ follower today. What does it mean for the Christian to "live among" those God has called us to reach?
  • Explore practical, everyday ways to live "incarnationally."

Our teachers will be Brandon Berg and Aaron Sutherland. If you attended our first preview class, "The Gospel in a Shifting Culture" this will be an excellent follow up class. But the first class is not required to gain the benefit of this class. 


Preview Course #1

The Word of God remains unchanged, but the culture is continually and rapidly changing. How do we apply the unchanging truths of the Gospel  to an ever-shifting culture?  In this course we will address:

  • Our Challenge: The rapidly shifting social, moral and ethical changes in our culture
  • Our Compass: Jesus, the Word of God and His Holy Spirit
  • Our Kingdom: How can we live within a broken, shifting world as members and agents of God's Kingdom?

Our teachers were Pastor Kelly Armstrong and Pastor Monte LeLaCheur.